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There are lots of sunny days but there is also an equal share of hurricane storms. A Hurricane storm can tear away your roof and dump a large amount of water in your house. All these damages can be mitigated by taking the necessary actions.


1. Trim Your Trees

Large trees have the potential of getting struck by lightning or damaged by strong winds during a tropical storm or hurricane. Therefore, if you have a tree in front of your house, it is wise to have it chopped down to prevent unnecessary accidents. If you don’t want to chop down the tree, you should at least trim the branches to ensure it does not reach your home.

2. Clear the Gutter

The gutter should be cleared of leaves and debris every now and then. If the gutter is filled with debris, the water will not be able to flow down smoothly. As a result, the water will overflow onto the exterior wall and enter the interior wall. You can install a gutter guard to prevent the debris from going down the drain. Climbing the roof to clean the gutter can be dangerous and you may want to get a licensed professional to help you.

3. Clear the Drain

The drain in front of your house needs to be cleared to allow excess water to flow away efficiently. The drain is smelly with all types of rubbish washed down from the drain of your house. If you are reluctant to clear the drain, you can get a professional plumber to help you.

4. Inspect the Roof

When you know a hurricane is coming, you should get a roofer to inspect your roof. Even a small crack in a roof can cause rainwater to enter the house. Through regular maintenance, you will be able to preserve your roof in good condition. It is recommended that you have your roof tiles inspected at least one time every 5 years.

5. Install a Sump Pump

Installing a sump pump can be the best solution to prevent storm damage in your home. To install a sump pump, you need to dig a well that is at least 7 – 10 feet deep. The sump pump has a float that will automatically activate the switch when the water table increases to a certain level. The water will be transported away from the home. It is important to install the right size of sump pump. The wrong size of the sump pump will not be able to keep up in draining away all the water in the basement. A professional plumber will be able to choose the right sump pump for your basement and install it for you.

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