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Water damage emergency is common to you if you live in places that are exposed to hurricane season. It can cost thousands of dollars of damage to your house. In a water damage emergency, taking action fast is important if you want to preserve your property value. The following are 5 tips to handle a water damage emergency.


1. Stop Water Flow
The first step is to stop the water flow. If the flood is caused by a leaky pipe, you can turn off the main valve to stop the water flow. If the flood is caused by stormwater, you can divert the water away from your house. Water damage caused by backed-up sewer pipes should be left to the professional. The electricity also has to be shut off to avoid electrocution when you come in contact with the water.

2. Remove the Furniture and Other Valuables
Next, you must remove all your furniture from the flooded part of the house. You can also put the furniture on a higher place if you don’t want to carry them outside. Remember to wear gloves, boots, and protective clothing when reentering the property. You should put priority in rescuing precious valuables and documents. There will be some items that cannot be salvaged, for example, items with mold or in a seriously broken condition or damaged electrical items. Usually, drywall, baseboard, insulation, and carpet will be discarded in flood damage.

3. Dry Your Possessions
After you get the possessions out, you must get them dried under the sun. You can also dehumidifier to dry things. If you have an air conditioner, you can turn it on to remove humidity in the room. Ideally, you should take action to dry your possessions within 24 hours and continue the process for 3 – 4 days.

4. Call the Insurance Company
As soon as the water damage occurs, you should call the insurance company. The insurance company will send a claims adjuster to the site to assess the damage and determine the cost of repairs. You should submit photos of the water-damaged areas and receipts of the items that you want to claim to the insurance company.

5. Work with a Professional Restoration Company
It is recommended that you work with a professional in the water damage restoration process. They are equipped with the proper equipment like pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers to carry out the restoration job. They can also help you to detect and fix water leaking behind the walls. Some of the equipment they can use to detect water behind walls are moisture detectors and remote cameras.

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